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What Would You Do If You Woke up in the Hospital After a Terrible Accident and Had Been Given a Blood Transfusion?
No Blood Wristbands Act as a Medical Alert Bracelet for Jehovah's Witnesses That Works Alongside Your DPA to Make Sure Your Stand on Blood Is Communicated in an Emergency ..
We Found A Small Stash of Wrist Bands in Our Apartment And The Response For Them Has Been OVERWHELMING
HURRY before they're gone!
 Get your own pack of No Blood Wrist Bands before they're gone FOREVER
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*No Blood Wristbands has been closed since Dec 31, 2019. My wife and I found a small inventory of wristbands stored in our apartment and are making them available for purchase here. This is the ONE AND ONLY opportunity to purchase No Blood Wristbands ever again*
International Customers PLEASE READ: Due to complications with International Shipping, we're only making this small inventory of wrist bands available to customers within the U.S.
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